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Welcome to Longboard Gliders, Lanzarote's first dedicated longboard surf school

Surf School Lanzarote

First surfing school dedicated to longboarding in Lanzarote, for those who want to get to know the world of longboard surfing, come join us at Lanzarote's first dedicated longboard surf school.

The Longboard

It’s considered a longboard if it measures nine feet or longer. A board that measures between eight and nine feet is often called a funboard, but that’s really just another name for a longboard on the short side. These 8-12-foot stick are the best option if you want to be able to surf year-round. Because of their size, great floatation and glide, they make tiny 1-2 feet days much more fun.

The big size of these boards provide plenty of planning surface and floatation. This, plus a low to medium rocker,helps you glide on the surface of the water. These boards help you paddle with loads of speed, making easy for you to catch more waves. Their length, width and thickness provide loads of stability, which is great to learn basic techniques.

So it’s the length of the board that determines the style of riding.

They pick up waves sooner, ride faster and are able to sustain momentum through the flatter areas of a wave.

Longboarding is a class-act and the classic essence of the surfing lifestyle.

Clases de Surf Long Gliders

Why did I choose this surf style?

  • My relationship with longboard surfing, old school surfing from the 50s, was one of love at first sight. I learnt to surf with my first board, a longboard, and I´ve been in love ever since. I can spend hours watching a good longboarder dance between the waves.
  • It´s never too late to start surfing and for adults it´s easier and a lot more fun to learn with a long and wide board. The sooner you catch waves, the sooner you will start enjoying this amazing sport!
  • With a longboard you will catch more waves, from smaller to bigger waves .

My objective is twofold: making sure you have unforgettable days, and teaching you all the necessary skills to surf in the future.

You will learn to surf in a fun and personalised way

Surfing is pure fun; it´s letting yourself go like a child again. You will never forget the feeling of gliding on a wave for the first time, it´s indescribable. Each person is different and learns differently, that´s why Longboard Gliders offers tailor-made lessons with a direct and personalised approach in small groups.

Clases individuales de surf

Private lessons

I offer private lessons for adults that are completely personalised and adapted to your personal needs. I want to share my profound love for surfing and provide you with all the fundamental techniques to enjoy surfing in the future.

Clases grupales de surf

Group lessons

The classes are limited, with a maximum of 4 adults at the same level per class. That way I can guarantee a direct and personalised approach for each student and maximum safety in the water.

Clases de iniciación de surf

Beginner level

We will start with easy exercises on the beach and then practise in the white water, so that you´ll gain confidence. In the beginning we will use softboards and then progress to hardboards.

Clases de perfeccionamiento de surf

Intermediate level

This class is meant for you if you already know the basics, but you want to improve your surfing techniques in an easy and fun way.

I will safety teach you to have fun among the waves

I am a level 1 ISA surf instructor, with a lifeguard diploma from the FIN (Federación Italiana Nuoto), and I´m a former water polo player. My lessons are given with maximum security and in the best conditions (the timetable depends on the meteorological conditions and the tides).

What they say about my surf lessons

I will offer you a lot more apart from learning how to surf

Everything I can offer you to complete your surfing experience at the amazing beach of Famara.

Equipment in Famara

Help with accommodation


Guía en Lanzarote

Lanzarote guide

where to eat in Lanzarote

Where to eat

Experiencias turísticas en Lanzarote


I am here to teach you how to surf

Group lessons

1 day: 60€
2 days: 115€
3 days: 170€
5 days: 280€

Price per person
3 hour classes
Equipment included
Snack in the beach
Maximum 4 people per group

Private lessons


Price per person
3 hour classes
Personalized class
Equipment included
Snack in the beach

Surfing determines who I am and my way of life. I welcome you to read the story about how I became a surf coach.

My name is Niccolò, I was born in Genova, a city in the North of Italy where the winters are soft thanks to the Sirocco wind that blows from the southeast. And with that wind come the waves…

I fell in love with surfing when I was 14 years old, after watching a cult movie called “Big Wednesday”; a story about surfing and friendship between a group of friends in California in the 60s/70s.

I remember getting my first surfboard (a yellow longboard) the next day from a guy that used to surf at the beach where I would hang out with my friends after school… From that day onward, surfing has never left my life.

In those days surfing wasn´t as popular in Italy as it is now. There were no surf shops, or surf schools, so to learn how to surf my friends and I had to sit down at Bogliasco beach and watch the older guys who already knew how to surf. Later they would give us advice and that is the way we practised… So much falling, laughing, and frustration! But I can still remember the first time I stood up, how exciting! Incredible… more than 30 years have passed and I still have a vivid memory of that day.

In the year 2012 I decided to radically change my life and to pursue my dream, to surf and to make a living from it, so I left my job in Italy and moved to Lanzarote.

My love for surfing and travelling brought me to incredible places: Portugal, northern Spain, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Australia, where I worked in some of the best surf schools and met people who taught me a lot about surfing and the surfing philosophy.

After many years of experience, I developed my own teaching method and decided to start a new adventure by setting up Longboard Gliders, my own surf school for adults at Famara Beach.

Un surf coah en Lanzarote tiene mucho que contar

Información, consejos, experiencias, historia…. ¡Hablemos de surf!

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Clases de iniciación de surf

What will you learn at the beginner level?

  • Warming-up and stretching exercises specifically for surfing.
  • Fundamental safety rules  on the beach and in the sea.
  • Parts and components of a surfboard.
  • How to lay on a longboard correctly.
  • Paddle techniques.
  • How to stand up on a longboard correctly.
  • Correct position on a longboard.
  • Timing of the take-off.
  • How to turn your longboard.

Clases de perfeccionamiento de surf

What will you learn at the intermediate level?

  • Develop your paddle technique.
  • Advance your take-off.
  • Learn how to make a bottom turn/top turn.
  • Improve your timing.
  • How to get past the waves and reach the line-up.
  • Recognise the type of waves you can surf.
  • How to surf the waves in the line-up.
  • How to speed up and slow down your longboard.

Alojamiento en Famara

Help with accommodation

I offer you various options:

  • I can help you find an apartment in the village of Famara, with a kitchen, private bathroom, and everything you need to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.
  • If you like a more remote location in absolutely magnificent surroundings, then I recommend Oasis Surf House owned by my friends Mark and Lydia.
  • If you´re looking for more liveliness after surfing, you can stay at the Los Molinos Apartments located in the characteristic town of Costa Teguise. Here you will find an incredible variety of shops and restaurants.

Material de surf


Our Longboards

One of my great teachers during my surfing life told me once:” if you want to learn to surf and improve you should use the best equipment”. In Longboard Gliders we know that quality is important, that’s why we favour the top range from Bic, the classic 9.0, the McCoy and NSP. All are parts of our quiver. For complete beginners we start you surfing on easy riding soft boards.

Wet suits

Though in Lanzarote most of the year temperatures are above 18 c, during our courses all clients are offered the use of our full wetsuits. Check with us if you want to bring your own wetsuit.

Guía en Lanzarote

Lanzarote guide

Known as the ´European Hawaii´, the island of Lanzarote offers a great diversity of landscapes, first and foremost created by recent volcanic eruptions. Its climate of eternal spring with soft temperatures throughout the year (both inside and outside the water), transform the island into a true Eden. These are some of the main ´must-sees´ of Lanzarote:

  • In the south: Punta Papagayo, Los Hervideros , Las Salinas, and El Golfo; excellent locations to enjoy a stunning sunset.
  • The centre of the island: Cesar Manrique's Foundation in Tahiche, La Geria (where the famous wines from Lanzarote are produced), and the village of Teguise (the old capital of Lanzarote, where you can visit the famous market on Sundays and afterwards go to one of the authentic bars and enjoy some tapas and live music).
  • In the north: Jameos del Agua, Cueva de los Verdes, Caletón Blanco (with many small bays hidden between volcanic rock), Haría (the village of 1000 palm trees, with its Saturday market), and the house of César Manrique, Lanzarote´s famous artist.
  • The island of La Graciosa: recently declared the eight island of the Canaries. On this wild island you can rent bikes and visit beautiful white sand beaches and enjoy a crystal clear sea.

Guía de comidas en Lanzarote

Where to eat

These are places I recommend to enjoy Lanzarote´s gastronomy and where you will find special menus for surfers from Longboard Gliders:

  • Donde Celso Tapas Bar (in El Charco in Arrecife), this is a small tavern in the capital where you can taste high quality food.
  • El Chupadero (in La Geria), a bar/restaurant where you can enjoy excellent food in a moon-like surrounding.
  • El Grifo (in La Geria, the area where the famous wines from Lanzarote are produced), one of the oldest wineries where you can take delight in their fantastic wines and cheese boards.
  • Mesón de Tiagua (in Tiagua), delicious and authentic Italian food: home-made pizzas and pastas that will leave you impressed.
  • Los Aljibes (in Tahiche), an Argentinian restaurant where you can eat exquisite food with excellent wines.
  • La Puerta Verde (in Haría), for authentic and tasty food.

Experiencias turísticas en Lanzarote


Longboard Gliders will teach you everything you need to know about surfing, but if you want to know more about the magical island of Lanzarote, prepare yourself for some adventure. Here you will find some suggestions that won´t leave you indifferent.

  • Eco Insider is a project founded on ethical tourism principles and offers many outdoor excursions where you can enjoy nature in all its splendour.
  • Wine Tours Lanzarote offers tours that will take you through the whole wine-making process while visiting astonishing sites.
  • What can be better than a meditation session, a yoga class, or an ayurvedic massage after a day of surfing. For that and more I recommend Yoga Lanzarote.

Learn how to surf and have an unforgettable experience at Famara Beach

  • 3 hour classes
  • Maximum 4 people per group
  • Snack on the beach (fresh fruit, dried fruit and water)
  • Schedule depending on the tides and maritime conditions
  • Photographs
  • Check the general conditions

Learn how to surf and have an unforgettable experience at Famara Beach

  • 3 hour classes
  • Personalized class adapted to your needs
  • Snack on the beach (fresh fruit, dried fruit and water)
  • Schedule depending on the tides and maritime conditions
  • Photographs
  • Check the general conditions